Why the RUX 70L is the best luggage to fly with

Why the RUX 70L is the best luggage to fly with

by Joseph Schwartz on Feb 10, 2023

Why the RUX 70L is the best luggage to fly with 

The RUX 70L is an amazing option for travel by air. The design of the 70L is perfectly suited for airplane carry-on or check in, and the features of the 70L are perfect for any adventure once you arrive at your destination. 

The Ideal Carry-On Companion

Being able to compress the 70L allows you to use it as carry-on for all major airlines in the US and Canada. It’s super easy: fill your 70L about ½ full (we recommend using the RUX Bag to help separate your belongings). Once packed, put the lid in place, leaving one corner open (with the lids sealed, the 70L is pretty airtight, making it hard to compress). Use the compression straps to compress the 70L down about half-way. Close the remaining lid corner. Make sure your carry straps are handy for shoulder carry, or backpack mode. With the 70L half-compressed, it’s less than 23cm/9in high, which is the max depth for carry-on, as required by airlines such as Air Canada or Delta Airlines

Maximum carry on size examples: 

Delta: 22" x 14" x 9" — RUX 70L ✅

Air Canada: 55cm x 40cm x 23cm — RUX 70L ✅

United: 9” x 14” x 22” — RUX 70L ✅

WestJet: 53 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm — RUX 70L ✅
SouthWest Air:  24” x 16” x 10” — RUX 70L ✅

Once at your destination, you then have up to 70L of weather-proof gear storage, making those trips to the beach or family excursions much more manageable. Try that with your run-of-the-mill carry on! 

Considerations with your carry-on luggage: 

Usually no weight limit applies to carry-on baggage, but your bag must be light enough that you can store it in the overhead bin unassisted. You also want to consider the contents. No liquids or gels in containers over 100mL/100g (3.4oz) are allowed in your carry-on baggage. Toiletries under 100mL fit very nicely into the RUX Pocket, which can be stored inside your 70L, or on the outside of the RUX Waterproof Bag (another great carry-on option). Check with your airline for a complete list of items that aren’t acceptable for carry-on. 

Check it and Forget It 

Do you need the ability to compress and stow your luggage once at your destination? Or do you need extra storage on your travels? The RUX 70L is an ideal check in solution. Fill the 70L to the brim, secure the compression straps and carry straps, and you have a durable, secure and weatherproof check in luggage solution. 

Want extra storage capacity at your destination? Lash three compressed 70L together, giving you 210 litres of storage capacity on your adventures. This configuration even fits in the overhead bins! 

The 70L will withstand any abuse the airlines can dish out, and will also stand out on the luggage retrieval belt, making it easy and convenient to grab and go. The 70L is also the perfect size for airport luggage carts, and because there are no extra frills like wheels, the 70L stays secure and solid on your mad dashes through the terminal. Once you exit the airport and start your trip, lash the 70L to the roof of your rental vehicle or compress and store in the trunk. From flight to fun, the 70L is the most versatile piece of travel luggage you’ll ever experience. 

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