RUX 'All-In' Bundle
RUX 'All-In' Bundle
RUX 'All-In' Bundle
RUX 'All-In' Bundle

RUX 'All-In' Bundle

Get the absolute most out of the RUX gear management system.

Includes 1x RUX 70L, 2x RUX Bags, 2x RUX Pockets, and 2 pairs of RUX Utility Straps.


Volume: 70L
Empty weight: 5.3 lbs / 2.4 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H): 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 inches / 40 x 50 x 35 cm
Load Limit: 50 lbs / 22.6 kg


High tenacity 840D TPU coated waterproof nylon bag, PU coated compressed EVA foam base, nylon webbing straps & composite nylon frame.

Get THE MOST From Your RUX 70L

Our new RUX 'All-In' Bundle packs a pair of all of our favourite components into one mega bundle for all your gear handling needs.

INCLUDES - One RUX 70L, two RUX Pockets, 2 RUX Bags, and 2 pairs of Utility Straps. 

One system to pack, move and use your gear. Ready to go when you are. 

Weatherproof  | Collapsible  |  Lifetime Warranty

With its modular carry style, you can take this to any corner of the earth your comfort level will allow.

RUX has created the perfect storage system for keeping your gear organized on the go.

The collapsible, outdoor-ready bag offers an adaptable design that is at home at the beach, in your garage, strapped to your back, or in the trunk of your truck.

If you’re looking for a technical carryall, be sure to check out the RUX system.

I have been waiting for something to ease that packing frustration. Enter the RUX 70L.

Tight Gear. Loose Plans.

RUX is the new all-in-one system to pack, move, and use your valuable gear. Garage to the beach. Truck to the trailhead. Ready when you need it. Just pack, grab ‘n go.

What the RUX?

RUX 70L is a compressible, weatherproof gear management solution with a wide rigid opening for easy access, a secure, stowable lid and modular straps for easy carry.

Fast, adaptable, mobile, and weatherproof. Built for life, outside.


Is it waterproof?

The RUX 70L is highly weatherproof, built for all-weather adventure - moving gear in a truck bed, on racks, on a camping trip, boating and more. The bag is a waterproof tub made by RF welding TPU coated high tenacity 840D nylon and a molded EVA bottom. The bottom and lid are both laminated with PU for added durability. The lid is also molded EVA foam and has an overhanging perimeter to help keep it on and weather out. RUX is not submersible or watertight.

What size is the RUX 70L?

RUX has 70L of volume, with a box-like shape that optimizes that spapce for efficient packing. When upright it’s 40cm wide x 50cm long x 35cm deep (15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 inches). RUX 70 is large enough to go big with day-trip gear, great for loading up your vehicle for bigger excursions, and still small enough to be maneuverable so you can take advantage of RUX’s carrying and storing benefits. When you don’t need it, save space. RUX packs flat to only 8cm (3.1 inches) deep.

When will my RUX 70L ship?

If the color you selected shows as 'in stock' we will ship it out within 48 hours of your order. We are thankful to be out of the pre-order phase and back into inventory!

Lifetime Warranty? Really?

Yes. RUX offers a lifetime guarantee on all RUX manufactured products. If any part of your RUX breaks or becomes dysfunctional over time while being used as recommended, we will repair or replace it for free. And with our modular design, we can efficiently ship you a new part without the waste or carbon footprint associated with repairing or replacing typical products. See our warranty for full details.

Is it stackable?

The RUX 70L is great for stacking when filled, or partially filled and compressed. The bistable steel corner stays are intended for easily popping the bag open and keeping it there for easy access packing. However, these stays are not structural corners. So you would want to stack the heaviest, most packed RUX at the bottom and place the empty or half-filled RUX on top.