Product Shootout: The RUX 70L vs TNF Base Camp Voyager

Product Shootout: The RUX 70L vs TNF Base Camp Voyager

by Kaylan Mackinnon on Sep 04, 2023

Ramping Up the Ruggedness: RUX 70L vs The North Face Base Camp Box

Gear storage is a crucial matter for adventurers, as it determines the line between chaos and order, protection and vulnerability. In this arena, two heavy hitters step into the ring: the RUX 70L and The North Face Base Camp Voyager. Let’s put ‘em head to head and compare them.

Boat on the shore, showing a close up of the RUX 70L and the wide-open mouth allowing for ample amount of storage.

Unyielding Protection: RUX 70L

The RUX 70L isn’t your average duffel bag; it's the ultimate gear management system. Crafted with rugged and waterproof materials, it's the gold-standard of gear organization.

Designed for Victory: Features of the RUX 70L

  • Wide-mouth Opening: With 70L of storage, RUX has plenty of space. However, more importantly, it has a large, wide-mouth opening making it easy to load and pack (unlike a normal duffel bag).
  • Collapsable: Made with collapsable corners, the RUX 70L stands up rigid when needed and collapses down to just 3” tall when empty. This is the perfect way to save space while you’re on the go.
  • Modular Mastery: The RUX modular system lets you customize your organization with add-ons like the RUX Bag and Pocket.
  • Carry Comfort: Versatility is key, and the RUX 70L comes with padded and adjustable shoulder straps. Backpack mode, tote-carry, over the shoulder? The choice is yours.

Man carrying on his back The North Face Base Camp Voyager while hiking.

Proven Resilience: The North Face Base Camp Voyager

The North Face Base Camp Voyager enters the arena with its legacy of durability. Built to withstand the elements and endure the rigours of adventure, it's a testament to outdoor craftsmanship. The Base Camp Voyager is your loyal companion that keeps your gear secure, leaving you free to seize every moment of your journey.

The Might of the The North Face Base Camp Voyager

  • Battle-Hardened Build: The Base Camp Voyager's reputation is built on tough materials that shield your gear from the harshest conditions.
  • Thoughtful Design: With a sleek exterior and strategic pockets, the Base Camp Voyager balances form and function.
  • Steadfast Endurance: Designed for the long haul, the Voyager's tough construction ensures that your gear remains intact throughout your escapades.
Aerial view of the RUX 70L, man unloading the bag from the trunk of his car, holding all of his fishing gear.

The Top Contender

Each contender claims rounds in different corners, yielding a fiercely contested duel. The RUX 70L and The North Face Base Camp Box are the top choices for adventurers seeking style, versatility, and ruggedness. Your choice between the two will depend on your inclinations and outdoor quests. Both contenders are primed to elevate your outdoor exploits, whether you gravitate toward contemporary flair or timeless robustness.

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