Sociotechnical Systems vs Just Another Bag

Sociotechnical Systems vs Just Another Bag

by Tony Richardson on Jul 15, 2020

I know what you’re thinking… “How hard is it to design just another bag?” Well, probably not that hard at all. But we’re not trying to design just another bag, or even a bag at all. Our long term vision is for a whole sociotechnical system of awesomeness that frees up time and space for you to live the good life.

Fancy word, right? Let’s try and define what it means, paraphrased from the OG’s of it all — .

Sociotechnical theory is about joint optimization, [not that kind of joint you silly goose] with a shared emphasis on achievement of both excellence in technical performance and quality in people’s lives. They are usually based on designing different kinds of organisation, ones in which the relationships between socio and technical elements lead to the emergence of productivity and wellbeing.

Basically we’re talking about systems of things that make life better. Sounds good, right?

This was all based around the production of cars, which doesn’t really apply to most people. But we are all trying to live better lives; spending more time doing what we enjoy with the people we like. Have more fun, for lack of a better description.

So we could get all fancy and say “the RUX System is an integrated sociotechnical system developed by Rux Box Co. to efficiently organize recreation and logistics, including the interaction between home and travel, to minimize time, cost, and d space.”

Or more simply put, here at RUX, we want to help you turn your life into a fun factory. You game?


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