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The personal cargo containers that pack everything.

"The RUX is one of the outdoor industries’ best kept secrets—but not for long."

"It's all the good parts of a box combined with all the good parts of a bag."

"It's hard to imagine going back to a pile of bins and bags. I'm considering investing in a second RUX"

"The RUX 70L System is a crowdpleaser!"

"An ecosystem of components makes this container one of the most modular systems we’ve seen yet."

"Support a small Canadian business hailing from Squamish, B.C., and make transporting gear a whole lot easier."

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Unlock the hidden power of the RUX System while taking advantage of savings with this bundled offer. Take our popular Essentials Set bundle, and add the waterproof capabilities of the Waterproof Bag. You’ll be ready for anything with this bundle that includes: the original RUX 70L, the 25L RUX Bag, the 3L RUX Pocket PLUS the 25L Waterproof Bag.

  • Enhanced Organization: Achieve impeccable order within your RUX 70L. Keep wet gear from dry clothes, and sort your equipment with perfect precision using the included RUX components.
  • Tailored Configurability: Personalize it to your liking. Link the Bag and Pocket and Waterproof Bag to Utility Rails both inside and outside the 70L using the seamlessly integrated RUX Buckles.
  • Expanded Versatility: Utilize the Bag, Pocket, Waterproof Bag and 70L individually or unite them to diversify your carrying solutions.

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RUX 70L Clear

RUX 70L Clear

$298 USD

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